Steel Doors

The first thing you need to know about steel doors and windows is that contrary to popular belief, most of these doors and windows are not made entirely of steel. Solid metal doors are typically found in places like military or naval bases, but they are too heavy and bulky to be used in homes or even most businesses. Ordinary steel doors usually consist of a wood or foam core, which is then covered with what is known as 24-gauge steel. This means that the thickness of the coating is 0.07mm and the weight is approximately 0.52 kilograms. Steel windows are basically a frame made of steel and glass. If you are concerned about aesthetics, you should know that you can get doors clad in steel on the outside but with hardwood or oak panelling on the inside. This means your home is secure, but the door still looks good. Steel doors give your home or business a slightly industrialized look and offer unobstructed views outside. Contact the steel door or steel window manufacturer for more information.

Benefits of installing steel doors in your home or office

1. They Provide Security

A steel entry door provides the best security like no other. While doors made out of other materials such as wood can be easily broken into and/or cut through. These type of doors provide you with peace of mind as it ensures an extra layer of protection for your home or office. 

2. They are easier to maintain 

All doors should be kept in a great condition, and automatically steel doors are easier to maintain. Steel doors do not rot or warp like any other material doors. So it is easier to repair since the fluctuations of the weather and temperature changes has already cause permanent changes in the shape and fit of the door.

3. Steel doors are more durable

Doors can cost you a lot of money on repairs due to normal every day wear and tear, especially entry doors. Steel is one of the strongest materials out there, so it should automatically be your first option. Steel is resistant to warping and rotting, and it just lasts longer than any other doors.

4. They block out noise 

Some houses and office blocks are close to busy roads. Steel doors are a great option to keep out unwanted noises. With less noise from the outside, your home or office will feel more private and cosy. 

Things to consider when installing a steel door

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